I began working professionally with props in 2015. During this time, I have freelanced around the U.S., acquiring knowledge along my way. I’ve worked in the Chicagoland area, as well as up and down the East Coast all while honing my artisanal and managerial skills with acclaimed theater and opera companies.

I’d like to say that props found me. Originally, I studied Performing Arts Management as my undergraduate degree at Columbia College Chicago. After graduating early, I began working in the theatre industry. The Production Manager during my first apprenticeship had said, “We need someone to prop our first show of the season,” to which I replied, “I’ve never done it before, but I guess I can figure it out!” And I can say to this day that I am still, and always will be, figuring it out.
After all, creative problem solving is just one of the many great aspects of this job.

I live to learn, to explore, and to create. I revel in producing the objects that allow performers to play in a real world onstage. Continually, I am blessed to work alongside talented artists and designers to make a production come to life.

I thrive amongst the day dreamers and night thinkers.
And my dreams will be what I make of them.

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