ford ‘49 Coupe foam scale Model / white Lightning / triad stage 2019

For this cavity mold, I covered the model with wed clay and formed the shell from plaster. I removed the clay and created the final cavity mold from silicone rubber. Then, I cast an expanding foam model car for the next stage of the process.

Terra Cotta Soldiers and Breakaways / And Then There Were None / Triad Stage 2018

I made a silicone rubber mold of the original soldier. I cast a few soldiers out of Smooth-On Flex Foam to avoid breakage and limit sound when they would fall into their trap door. I cast the remaining from plaster, and I rigged some to be breakaways. I finished all with shellac and paint to match the master.

cobweb fairy mask / a midsummer night’s dream / triad stage 2018

I sculpted my base from wed clay on a silicone head form. I then covered it in tin foil and grease spray. I cut and laid the Varaform thermoplastic over my form and used a heat gun to slowly shape the mask. I then added embellishments of tulle, straw, and ribbon, as well as painted to match the design rendering.