Oil crates / white lightning / triad stage 2019

After our carpenters built the crates, I distressed them with a surform, chisel, awl, and sandpaper. I then painted them to mimic grease and oils stains.

art deco rug / and then there were none / triad stage 2018

I began by creating a grid on the research image of the rug. I calculated the proportions and taped out the rug according to the grid. I created a water, paint, and glue mixture and painted sections until complete.

breakaway cameo / nozze di figaro / palm beach opera 2018

I received spare cameos with the prop rental. I used a bandsaw to slice them into breakaways. I covered them with cheesecloth and a paint and glue mixture to develop a skin. I added magnets beneath the surface as an additional breakaway support. I painted to match the existing set and cameos, and finished with Mortite for reconstruction for each performance.

Living Statue Costume Prop / Candide / Palm Beach Opera 2018

I sourced scrap fabric and a robe from our costume stock and fitted them to the actor. I rigged them to function as quick change pieces. I attached old wig scraps to a mask, and the mask to the balaclava to cover all skin. I painted all fabric with grey primer and wood glue, and completed the look with a matching painted bird prop and gloves.

Candide and Paquette Boat / Candide / Palm Beach Opera 2018

I referred to the projection design to determine shape and coloring of boat. I also communicated with wig, makeup, and costumes to be sure to match the cutout characters to the performers looks. I sketched the outline shape, cut out the board with a jig saw, painted and sealed, and attached to a platform to slide across stage.


I designed the font and build of signs. I created a stencil, built and painted the frame, and painted text with detailed texture. I attached threaded rods to insert on top of the scenic doorframe.

'lapin agile' painting recreation / picasso at the lapin agile / raue center for the arts 2016

I acquired the research image and gridded out proportions for 3' x 5' canvas. I sketched in the basic outlines and shapes, filled in the first layer of color blocks, and completed by adding details and a wash and sealing treatment.